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About the Department
Our Vision
We strive to be the standard of excellence for public safety and service in this region.

Our Mission
The mission of the Commerce City Police Department is to:
  • Prevent, detect and deter crime, the fear of crime and victimization. 
  • Conduct vigorous criminal investigations. 
  • Protect the public and seek justice for victims of crime. 
  • Create a safe community to live, work, learn and play. 
  • Earn and hold the public’s trust, confidence and faith in the police.
Our mission is accomplished by: 
  • actively embracing our community in a collaborative partnership 
  • using data to identify and solve problems 
  • treating people with respect, compassion and demonstrating a commitment to exceptional service. 

Our Core Values
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Restraint
Clinton Nichols
Interim Chief of Police
Ph: 303-287-2844



Traffic Hotline

Civic Center
7887 E 60th Avenue