Urban Renewal

The Commerce City Urban Renewal Authority (URA) identifies and establishes slum and blighted areas for redevelopment. The URA is a public-private-partnership, where the public investment is supported by tax increment financing while the majority of the project is funded by the private sector. Tax increment financing, known as a TIF, is the amount of additional tax collected within the urban renewal area after the URA project begins. Learn more about urban renewal authorities throughout Colorado.



Meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Agendas & Minutes

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All city council members serve as the URA's governing board of directors, with the mayor serving as the chair. Members include:

  • URA Chair Mayor Sean Ford
  • URA Board Member Mayor Pro Tem Councilman Rick Teter, Ward II
  • URA Board Member Councilman Oscar Madera, Ward I
  • URA Board Member Councilwoman Nicole Frank, Ward III
  • URA Board Member Councilman Paolo Diaz, Ward IV
  • URA Board Member Councilman Steve Douglas, At-Large
  • URA Board Member Councilwoman Crystal Elliott, At-Large
  • URA Board Member Councilman Benjamin Huseman, At-Large
  • URA Board Member Councilman José Guardiola, At-Large
  • URA Executive Director: City Manager Brian McBroom
  • URA General Legal Counsel: City Attorney Robert Sheesley
  • URA Treasurer: Director of Finance Sheryl Carstens
  • URA Secretary: City Clerk Laura Bauer
  • URA External Member: Adams County Commissioner Charles "Chaz" Tedesco
  • URA External Member: Adams 14 Board Member Timio Archuleta
  • URA External Member: South Adams County FD Vice President Alex Fairfield

Additional URA Plans