Marijuana Licensing

Review the steps required to apply for a marijuana business license as well as other useful information necessary for operating within the city.

View the marijuana licensing process and steps

Liquor Licensing

A liquor license is required to sell liquor in Commerce City.

View the the liquor licensing process steps and contacts

Business Licensing

Every person engaged in business in Commerce City must comply with licensing and tax laws. All businesses located within City limits are required to obtain a general business license even if the business is a service only. Businesses located outside the city are required to obtain a Commerce City general business license if they are performing or providing services, or selling, soliciting leasing, renting, delivering or installing tangible personal property for storage, use, or consumption.

If your business has more than one location, a separate license is needed for each location. In some instances you may also be required to obtain additional specialty licenses due to the nature of your business. Applying does not constitute approval. The application must be filled out completely to begin the city’s review process. A valid and active general business license will be issued when the two-week review process is complete.

General Business License

Specialty Licenses

The city does not issue licenses for peddlers (selling door-to-door), permanent outdoor food vendor stands, and roadside stands.


  • General business licenses: $20
  • Specialty licenses have unique fees that are listed on the application.

Fees must be paid with your application, with payment may be made at our office or mailed to the address on the application. The city currently does not accept online payments. If a license application is denied, only half of the fee is refundable.

Zoning Verification Letters

Contact the city’s planning division to request a zoning verification letter for a $25 fee.

Contractor Licensing


A contractor's license is required for most construction. Any contractor working in the City of Commerce City must hold a current license with the city. Electrical and plumbing contractors must register with the city. The City of Commerce City recognizes and licenses the following types of general contractors:

  • Unlimited general contractor A
  • General contractor B limited
  • Residential / general contractor C
  • Residential / remodeling contractor D
Download and complete the full Contractor License Application.

General Contractors



Homeowners do not need a contractor's license to perform certain types of work themselves. For more information, or to confirm that a contractor has a current license with the city, please submit a request by contacting the Community Development Department at 303-289-3790.