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See how the city performed in reaching its goals in 2017

Post Date:03/07/2018 9:09 AM

pic_goals_dashboard_webThe city has rolled out a new web page that gives the public easy access to the city’s annual work plan and performance management tool. The new online application is a user-friendly tool, which illustrates progress towards achieving city council’s five goals, adopted to achieve a quality community for a lifetime. Currently, the year-end quarterly results are posted. Highlights, which were discussed during the February 5 city council meeting, include successes related to affordable housing, business growth, trash and recycling, neighborhood safety and improvements, and more.

The new tool improves transparency and accountability, allowing the public to view quarterly progress updates to the annual work plan. The annual work plan is comprised of five levels, each level consists of a narrowing of scope, down to specific tasks undertaken by city staff on a daily basis to achieve the broad community-based goals established by the city council. The five levels of the annual work plan are:

  • City Council Goals – Set based upon expectations developed through citizen input, consistent with the city vision and mission
  • Outcomes – Focus areas which directly support achieving city council goals and are guided by organizational vision and values
  • Objectives – Focus on measurable results and support outcomes with a narrower focus
  • Strategies – Specific approaches outlining how to achieve the objectives
  • Tactics - Tasks & actions taken to achieve the strategies

Things to know about the new dashboard:

  • The public dashboard displays the top three levels of the annual work plan: the goals, outcomes and objectives.
  • Each quarter, results are calculated and available to the public about five weeks after the quarter ends.
  • A quarterly executive report is linked for reference. This document provides additional narrative for each of the objectives and includes information about how the objectives were achieved.
  • Disruption towards achieving the specific work outlined in the annual work plan is a normal occurrence and is tracked within the tool to better manage ongoing work and direct resources. There are two kinds of disruption defined:
    • Major disruption – A major roadblock that will most likely impact the project’s timeline or completion
    • Minor disruption - A minor roadblock that may jeopardize the project’s timeline or that represents a change in the project plan
  • When disruption occurs, the executive report provides details about what is causing the disruption, actions undertaken or plans developed to correct the issue and any adjustments made to the completion date as a result.

View Commerce City’s annual work plan and the city performance management dashboard

You can also navigate to the city’s new dashboard from the website home page by clicking the menu, government, city council, city council goals.

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